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A look back at February
February was both really productive, and yet not in some areas. I think this things I accomplished were important ones and will help to enable some of my goals for the future. So while many things on my list weren't necessarily achieved, the groundwork has been set. I achieved much more on the home/ organizing side than I did in the creative side, but it will come with time.

February Goal List.
1. stick to a routine/follow flylady - I did not do this, but as I work through decluttering/organizing, this will become easier.

2. clean dry cleaning clothes (whole pile!) - no unfortunately I did not do this

3. Keep up with finances and bills - I made great strides in this area. A little more I wish to do to really get there, but achievable by the end of the month. The challenge will be to stay on the bandwagon.

4. embroider while watching tv - I only did this once :(

5. finish at least one project - I did create homemade valentine card for Josh and Elisabeth. Not exactly the project I wanted to finish, but I did accomplish this goal.

6. buy once classic book for Elisabeth and inspiration sketchbooks for both of us. - I bought the classic books - Tale of Desperaux, and a book of classic fairy tales, I didn't buy the stetchbooks and we haven't started the book yet.... oops.

7. write 15 minutes a day - I have not written everyday, but I have written more than I have in the last year. So I think this is a good start and definitely a good way to keep me motivated.

8. art and craft time with Elisabeth on Saturday mornings - no unfortunately I did not do this

healthy living
9. drink less soda - WOO HOO - I am down to one 12oz. a day (usually morning) and drinking  water and milk the rest of the day. I've only had a second soda if I was in the middle of being productive - outside housework, and late night paper sorting! Definitely an improvement.
10. take a walk once a week with Elisabeth - no unfortunately I did not do this

Overall a good month, and look forward to planning my goals for next month.



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