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Goals for March
Most of these are carry overs from last month. I am expanding on the original number of 10 and adding specific smaller goals, as I think it will be more helpful.

1. stick to a routine/follow flylady
2. clean dry cleaning clothes (whole pile!)
3. Continue with finances and bills system/plan
4. Do taxes
5. (refund) Pay off car/set aside money for Elisabeth's b-day party/bookcases or curtains?
6. Declutter kitchen/take stuff to goodwill

7. embroider while watching tv
8. finish at least one project
9. write 15 minutes a day
10. art and craft time once a week

healthy living
11. Continue 1 soda a day
12. take a walk once a week with Elisabeth
13. take vitamins (Elisabeth and I)
14. Out of bed weekdays by 6:15 (versus oversleeping)
15. No surfing the net after 11pm

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Sooo... a soda a day keeps the dr. a way? I assume this is just a step in scaling back on your soda drinking, right.

I try to make sure I'm doing something constructive when I'm idly watching televion. I run on a treadmill when watching podcasts of the news and clean while I'm watching at home. There's just a handful of shows that I want to really get into and relax and do nothing but watch.

Writing a little every day is a great idea. I wish I could stick to a more consistent schedule!!

Since I've taken a drop from 2-3 cans of soda a day down to one in about two weeks, I'm letting myself rest there for a while. I don't like coffee, so it's my caffeine in the morning.

Eventually I will cut it out more. But I'm afraid if I go cold turkey I won't stick to it. I rather take myself off it slowing, and let my body adjust the healthier stuff it's getting now (milk and water) I can tell my taste for soda has been diminishing a bit.

I really have 3 shows top I really want to watch - Heroes, Lost, and Ugly Betty. I like to watch HGTV and the home improvement shows. The rest is boredom mindless watching, which I hop to curb. Unfortunately our townhouse is set up that everything happens (TV, computers, Elisabeth's toys) in the living room, so the tv and computer are always there as a temptation. That's why I would love to get out of the house as a family nore, but Josh just doesn't usually want to go out and do anything.

I figure I can do anything for 15 minutes - set a timer and bam - if I'm done or not inspired I can walk away guilt free.

Yeah I agree, you should stay at 1 can for a little while otherwise you might totally fall off the wagon and go back to the old thing.

My shows are Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica. I'm offended that you watch Ugly Betty. It's your one tv watching flaw. I also watch Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and several CNN shows, but those are the ones I watch while exercising or doing other things. Oh, I also watch Ghosthunters and Scrubs, but I don't watch them with the lights off and a drink and total attention the way I watch my main three.

Your 15-minute-write logic is sound. I try to do that sort of thing but it's hard to get myself in front of the computer regularly. I can say that I write a lot and several book projects, but it's really lying to myself to say that I'm not doing as much as I could or as much as I probably should if I want to publish and be a success.

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