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writing 2/25
I'm very proud of myself last night. I finally organized the mass piles of paperwork that have been lying around the house into a hanging file folders and neatly organized in the file cabinet I bought probably 6 months ago. I only have one plastic bin of already organized (but somewhat outdated) paperwork to integrate into the new system. I've also reorganized and set up a excel spreadsheet for finances and budget. Many hours were put into these endeavors, but, if kept up, will save me so much time, energy and stress in the future.

This past weekend I also cleaned the courtyard, including weeding the dirt patches (AKA flower beds). I sent Josh to Home Depot with the giftcard to buy a storage cabinet for outdoors so we could move some tools and household items outside (we may need to buy a smaller one, as this one is on the small side). I also sorted and decluttered the closet under the stairs.

The house still looks like a hurricane hit it, but at least I'm made more progress then I have in the last year.

Thing I would like to get done before the end of the month

1. Integrate the rest of the paperwork.
2. Organize Elisabeth's shelves.
3. Clear out all the old paint cans from under the bathroom cabinets.
4. Take care of student loan.
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